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Ward Transformer Superfund Site

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Client Ward Transformer Site Trust
Industries Power
Services EHS Compliance and Management

Cleanup of one of the largest Superfund PCB sites in the U.S.

Our Role
Ward Transformer, a former electrical transformer repair facility, is a CERCLA Emergency Removal Action (RA) because of PCB contamination. Golder services have included: preparation of RA planning documents; preparation of bid documents and assistance with bidding, bid evaluation and negotiations with bidders; and sampling, documentation and RA monitoring. The RA includes low temperature thermal desorption (LTTD) of soil ≥ 50 ppm PCBs and off-site disposal of < 50 ppm PCB material at a Subtitle D landfill and off-site disposal of ≥ 50 ppm PCB concrete and debris at a Subtitle C chemical waste landfill. Since Golder's involvement when the Consent Agreement was signed in 2005, the removal quantities have more than quadrupled, two buildings have been removed, and PCB contamination has been found on adjacent properties. The estimated cost has increased from an early EPA estimate of about $5.6M to near $50M.

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EHS Compliance & Management Systems
Golder provides a range of strategic and tactical consulting services to facilitate the identification, management and review of...

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