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Surface Water and Sediments

Our engineers and scientists use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to find solutions to hydrologic, hydraulic and water management problems.  Our services include:


  • Integrated water supply systems
  • Water storage and drought preparedness
  • Drainage and flood management
  • Water quality strategies and permits


  • Hydrometric and climate monitoring
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic evaluations
  • Water rights
  • Water demand
  • Erosion, sediment transport, scour, and deposition
  • Hydrodynamic modelling of water bodies
  • Coastal and fluvial geomorphology
  • Climate change assessments


  • Dams and dikes
  • Drainage channels and canals
  • River re-alignment, restoration
  • Sediment and debris flow control
  • Channel and shoreline erosion control
  • Intakes, pump stations and pipelines
  • Pipeline channel crossings

For further information, contact:

Uwe Rasch
Hamburg Office

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