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Tailings Management

On a daily basis, we work on mines around the world to design, build, operate or close mine waste management facilities, including:

  • Site selection
  • Background studies (environmental, social & community, archaeology and traditional knowledge, seismic risk, climate, hydrology, hydrogeology)
  • Environmental and social impact assessments
  • Mine waste deposition planning and design; tailings, thickened tailings (see Golder Pastetec website), waste rock and co-disposal (Paste Rock)
  • Tailings dam design
  • Water balances and water management plans
  • Geochemical and water quality assessments
  • Active and passive water treatment design
  • Tailings distribution system design
  • Hydraulic structure design
  • Construction management, quality control, quality assurance
  • Closure planning
  • Independent and peer review
  • Support for permits
  • Annual inspections and compliance reviews
  • Operation, maintenance and surveillance manuals

For further information, contact:

Uwe Rasch
Hamburg Office

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