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Environmental Due Diligence of an Integrated Oil & Gas Business


Client INA d.d, Croatia
Industries FIRL, Oil & Gas, ;
Services M&A and Due Diligence Consulting, - EHS Compliance Systems & Management Systems - Environmental, Ecological, Human Health Risk Assessment

The company operates on-shore and off-shore oil and gas production facilities, two oil refineries, two lubricants plants, 32 wholesale and aviation bulk storage terminals and 414 petrol stations. As part of preparation for a 15% Initial Public Offering (IPO), Golder Associates was contracted in 2006 to provide independent environmental due diligence (EDD) information to assist INA with the sale.

Our Role
A detailed evaluation of current and reasonably foreseeable future environmental compliance costs and historical legacy liabilities associated with Croatian legislation. In anticipation of Croatia's accession into the EU within a reasonable timeframe, additional environmental expenditure to meet these EU obligations was also assessed and valued. A summary of the EDD report findings were used within the IPO prospectus for potential purchasers. The proposed sale was successfully achieved in 2007.

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