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Permitting for a New Candy-Making Facility

Oakdale, California, USA

Client Sconza Candy Company
Industries Manufacturing
Services Air Quality, M&A & Due Diligence Consulting

Golder assisted the Sconza Candy Company of Oakland, California with air quality due diligence services in their search for a new manufacturing location in Oregon or California. Five different sites and regulatory environments were evaluated over several years. When Sconza ultimately decided to purchase the Hershey Chocolate Factory in Oakdale, California, Golder assisted with strategic planning regarding the design and installation of emission controls and air quality permitting, which is especially stringent in the San Joaquin Valley because it is non-attainment for several air pollutants.

Our Role
Golder prepared the air quality permit applications and negotiated the issuance of new authority to construct permits for Sconza's new candy-making operation. We prepared the design of the air pollution control systems for controlling volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from candy polishing as well as particulate matter from the receiving and transfer of bulk granulated sugar. The capture design for VOCs was by means of permanent total enclosures (PTEs), which can be assumed to achieve 100% capture efficiency if the design and performance meets certain criteria. Golder assisted with emission device procurement and construction inspection, and managed the compliance testing of the highly efficient 3-chamber regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO), which was chosen to control VOCs. In addition, Golder performed the PTE verification test and is assisting Sconza with ongoing air quality compliance methods.

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