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Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Since 1977, the Kelowna office has been serving clients in the Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada, and around the world. Our capabilities encompass a full range of ground engineering and environmental science services. We specialise in Geotechnical Engineering - hazard assessments, foundation design, subdivision development, road and utilities design, dam safety review, and dam design; Environmental Engineering - Phase 1 and 2 environmental site assessments, contaminated site remediation, landfill monitoring, and ground disposal of waste water; Biological Sciences - environmental impact assessment, environmental monitoring, fish salvage, riparian area reviews, and permitting; and Water Management - groundwater supply assessment, aquifer protection studies, well testing and analysis.

Contact Glen Rutherford to learn why, with every project, we see an opportunity to discover solutions we can all live with, to keep in balance the quality of life that we enjoy in the Okanagan.

CompanyGolder Associates Ltd.
Address590 McKay Avenue, Suite 300
Kelowna, British Columbia
Canada V1Y 5A8


Phone Number+1 250 860 8424
Fax Number+1 250 860 9874
Office ContactGlen Rutherford

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