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Whitehorse (KNG), Yukon, Canada

Golder Associates Ltd. and the Liard First Nation Development Corporation formed Kēyeh Nejéh Golder Corporation (KNG) in February 2008.  “Kēyeh Nejéh” (pronounced Kāya Nejā) means “Healing the Land” in Kaska and these words describe the founding principle of the joint venture between the two companies. The Liard First Nation Development Corporation is the major shareholder in this Joint Venture, with 51% ownership. Golder Associates Ltd. holds 49% ownership, and will provide technical leadership and mentorship on joint venture projects that require engineering, contracting, and/or environmental services. KNG is based in Whitehorse, and focuses on projects within the territory of the Kaska Nation, in south-eastern Yukon and northern BC.

CompanyKēyeh Nejéh Golder Corporation (KNG)
Address203 - 170 Titanium Way
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
Canada YIA 0G1


Phone Number+1 867 633 6076
Fax Number+1 867 633 6077
Office ContactJeff Bailey

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