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We provide surface, borehole and offshore geophysical services as a cost-effective, non-intrusive approach for site investigations.  The integration of geophysics with traditional mappings, intrusive sampling and other investigation methods can provide enhanced understanding of site conditions resulting in reduced risks and lower project costs.

We conduct geophysical surveys to support a variety of sectors including
  • Land Development
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Power and Energy
  • Transportation
  • Water Resources
  • Waste Management

Our geophysicists have conducted surveys on every continent and in over 100 countries.  These studies were conducted by our professional geophysical staff of over 60 geophysicists using our extensive in-house instrumentation and software inventory.

For further information, contact:
Alex Gordine (St Petersburg office)

Software Development

At Golder, we have developed industry leading software programs that we routinely use for the assessment of key environmental issues affecting our clients. Some of these software programs include the following:

The world’s leading fractured reservoir modelling software
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