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Cultural Sciences & Archaeology

We recognise the importance of working with communities and respecting their past as well as their future.  Specialist consulting services include:

Archaeology:  focusing on cultural resource management, in particular, archaeological and historic sites, industrial heritage, cultural landscape and other aspects of the cultural record

Socio-economic Impact Assessment:  focusing on critical issues that potentially affect a project’s impact and success and recommending how to deal with key social and institutional concerns

Public Consultation and Stakeholder Analysis:  developing strategies for public participation in projects and for achieving multiple stakeholder objectives

Cultural Impact Assessment:  examining the cultural consequences of projects, particularly to indigenous  communities

Resettlement Action Planning: helping to design projects to have the least impact on affected communities and taking measures to minimise the effects of displacement

Increasingly, indigenous groups around the world are participating in the cultural sciences.  We are a strong advocate of this practice; indigenous people provide significant input and hiring locally contributes to economic and social sustainability.

For further information, contact:
Alex Gordine (St Petersburg office)

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