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Across Europe and around the world, we have experienced and qualified specialists with scientific expertise in human toxicology, aquatic and terrestrial toxicology, chemistry, and industrial hygiene.   With our inter-disciplinary approach, we strive to be the trusted leaders in the field of toxicology and we are committed to providing innovative solutions and exceptional technical quality.  Our services in this area include the following:

  • Laboratory toxicity testing
  • Development of environmental standards
  • Toxicological assessments (including evaluation of pharmacokinetic data)
  • Peer review of toxicological basis of environmental standards
  • Hazard identification (involves determination and identification of chemicals’ health effects)
  • Dose-Response Evaluation (involves determination of the exposure levels necessary to produce health effects and quantification of a relationship between the amount of exposure (dose) and degree of toxicity (response)
  • Legal support

For further information, contact:
Alex Gordine (St Petersburg office)

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