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Decommissioning & Demolition

From aircraft to zinc processing plants, we provide objective-driven solutions to Facility Closure and Demolition Management.  Our clients rely on us to manage the entire process of demolition in a manner that minimises cost, maximises asset return, limits liability, and maintains regulatory compliance. Our onshore and offshore Facility Closure and Demolition Management services include:

  • Preparation of best practices for client programs
  • Strategic planning - assessing end use/exit plan options
  • Estimating and asset evaluations
  • Pre-demolition surveys and engineering
  • Contamination and Hazardous Material surveys (including ODS)
  • Tender preparation and management
  • Safety review and monitoring
  • Turnkey project execution and contract management
  • Documenting project compliance
  • Waste management review and record keeping
  • Nuisance and emission control and monitoring
  • Compliance inspections and completion documentation

For further information, contact:
Alex Gordine (St Petersburg office)

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