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Ore Evaluation Services

Every mineral deposit requires professional definition of the resource and the economic reserve. We consider the geology, geostatistics, mining engineering, rock mechanics, environmental and other technical matters in preparing technical audits and public reports of mineral resources and reserves. Our ore evaluation services consider:

  • Data validation
  • Geological modelling
  • Grade estimation using kriging and other geostatistical methods
  • Mining dilution and ore loss
  • Mine planning and design
  • Mine scheduling
  • Rock mechanics
  • Metallurgy
  • Sustainability issues.

We have developed a mining grade control system based on ore block optimisation (OBO) with modules designed to assist the mining geologist to send ore to the mill so as to maximise net revenue. The sampling data is modelled using geostatistical conditional simulation, with the ore block boundaries optimised to meet criteria defined by the mine management. This results in mining blocks that are quick to generate, repeatable and consistent with mining controls such as the cut-off grade.

For further information, contact:
Alex Gordine (St Petersburg office)

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