Certificate of Achievement in the Technological & Ecological Safety Contribution

A Certificate of Achievement in the technological and ecological safety contribution category was presented to Phil Osborne of Golder Associates by Confidence Capital and the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) in recognition of Golder's contribution in the field of promoting environmental and industrial safety. Mr. Osborne gave a presentation at the organisations' 2nd International Conference on "Onshore and Offshore Oil Spills: Prevention and Response" conference held in Almaty, Kazakhstan in March 2013 where his topic was the Experimental Offshore Air & Water Quality Monitoring System (AWQMS) for the D-Island. He spoke about Golder's experience with the installation and first year of operation of the water quality monitoring system in the North Caspian Sea being used to establish project baseline and an early warning system for project related environmental impacts.

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Phil Osborne