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Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

Since 2011, the Golder’s Nanaimo office has been providing a wide range of professional services to clients on Vancouver Island and throughout British Columbia. Specializing in Cultural Heritage, Environmental Services and GIS Specialties, our Nanaimo team is always actively involved inavailable to take on in local, regional and national projects. Our reputation has been built on the quality and the commitment of our people. within the organisation. A A major strength of our organisation is our local knowledge combined with the ability to call on additional expertise from other Golder offices in British Columbia, Canada or worldwide. Contact Heather Pratt to learn how we tackle global issues with local solutions.

CompanyGolder Associates Ltd.
AddressSuite #420, 256 Wallace Street
Nanaimo, British Columbia
Canada V9R 5B3


Phone Number+1 250 754 5651
Fax Number+1 250 754 1990
Office ContactHeather Pratt

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