Golder Report Informs New ICMM Position Statement on Tailings Dams

Dec 19, 2016

The risks associated with mine tailings have long been recognized within the industry but recent dam failures prompted the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) to undertake a review of current practices and respond with a more robust framework around the safe management of tailings dams.  Their recently released position statement on preventing catastrophic failure of tailings storage facilities focuses on an approach to the governance of such facilities.

The binding position statement is one of the outcomes of a recent review of current practices of ICMM’s 23 member companies, who represent the world’s largest mining companies.  Golder was appointed to report on corporate level surface tailings management across the membership, including standards, guidelines and risk controls, governance and emergency preparedness related to the prevention of and response to sudden catastrophic failure of tailings storage facilities.

Golder’s strong resumé of tailings management experience across geographies, climates, commodities and regulatory frameworks provided the project with a firm understanding and the right skills to achieve what ICMM aimed to accomplish.

The full Golder report has been made publically available as the ICMM hopes that other mining companies will consider how this framework can be adopted at their own operations, in order to further improve safety performance across the mining industry.

Golder is pleased to have supported the efforts of ICMM in their continued commitment to leadership in environmental and safety performance and encourages those in the industry to take advantage of the work ICMM has conducted on the topic.

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