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New Water Intake Tunnel Planned for Las Vegas Area

Lake Mead - Nevada, USA

Client Southern Nevada Water Authority
Industries Water, Resources
Services Geophysics, Surface Water/Sediments, Tunnelling

One of the critical supply sources of much of the drinking water for Las Vegas, Nevada, are two submerged water intakes on the west shore of Lake Mead, approximately 20 miles (32 km) east of the entertainment capital. Severe drought conditions during recent years have resulted in declining lake levels and have necessitated a plan for responding to the serious risk of one of the intakes becoming inoperable.

An additional intake on Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the US, will help secure and protect the future of the water supply for this arid area.

Our Role
Golder conducted comprehensive onshore and offshore geophysical investigations along the proposed corridor for a new intake tunnel. The offshore work included precision echosounding, sidescan sonar, seismic reflection, magnetometry, multichannel seismic and underwater video imaging with a remote operating vehicle. The onshore geophysics program obtained seismic reflection and refraction data with a 96-channel system.

By installing and simultaneously operating multiple offshore systems, Golder was able to obtain very rapid data acquisition. Processing and analysis onboard a survey vessel provided preliminary results on sediment and bedrock characteristics along the ancestral canyon allowed for quicker decision-making regarding changes to the location of the tunnel and the deep-water intake.

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