Don’t let landfill leachate derail your coal ash landfill plans

Jul 13, 2015

Complying with the new USEPA federal regulations on coal combustion residuals (CCR), is causing many power producers to make significant changes to their operations. These operators need to be sure that their plans do not get derailed by failing to account for “leachate” – water from stormwater precipitation that comes in contact with the CCR in the landfill. The CCR Rule does not specifically define the water that comes in contact with CCR materials as being “leachate;” however, the term is defined in other parts of Subtitle D (40 CFR Part 258) and it is used extensively throughout the CCR rules. One of the key principles of leachate management is to keep the “problem” (and cost) as small as possible. Producing less leachate means lower costs, fewer liabilities, and fewer things to go wrong.

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