Golder’s Michael Bender interviewed about the use of UAVs (drones) in the Mining Industry

Aug 14, 2015

There has been quite a bit of interest in using UAVs for surveying purposes, and the importance of adapting new technologies and increasing efficiency and productivity in the mining sector. SNL Metals & Mining spoke with Michael Bender, Principal and Program Head for UAVs at Golder in Calgary, about the benefits of technology and challenges facing adoption of UAVs, or drones, in the mining industry.

The use of UAVs in the mining industry has been fairly recent and there are many benefits to using them. They are a cost saving measure, as they provide continuous coverage and high-resolution imaging as compared to traditional mining surveys, and they allow clients to survey areas that are untrackable, such as tailings deposits.

The biggest challenge with using UAVs is the rule requiring line-of-sight flying for safety reasons, as this limits the distance and amount of time that can be flown. As well, users of UAVs must remain current with regulatory guidelines that are constantly changing to keep up with advances to UAV technology.

Read the full article in the provided .pdf version, of SNL Metals & Mining to read the full interview with Michael Bender.

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