Guidelines for Mine Waste Dump and Stockpile Design

Apr 18, 2017

Guidelines for Mine Waste Dump and Stockpile Design, the latest reference book sponsored by the Large Open Pit (LOP) project, is now available.

Edited by Mark Hawley of Piteau Associates and John Cunning of Golder Associates, Guidelines for Mine Waste Dump and Stockpile Design is a comprehensive and practical guide to the investigation, design, operation, monitoring, and closure of mine waste dumps, dragline spoils, and major stockpiles. Waste dumps associated with large open pits are some of the largest man-made structures on earth and as such, consequences of failure can be extreme. An experienced team of industry-leading practitioners, including over a dozen Golder professionals, came together as contributors to capture the current state of practice and to provide practical guidelines for these facilities.

The Guidelines provide a summary of the current state of practice and are intended to help mine operators, geotechnical practitioners, and non-specialists improve their understanding of the factors that can influence the stability of waste dumps, stockpiles, and dragline spoils. The Guidelines are composed of 16 chapters that follow the life cycle of a waste dump, stockpile, or dragline spoil from site selection through to closure, and include a chapter dedicated to the design and analysis of dragline spoils.

Sponsorship was provided by the Large Open Pit (LOP) project, an international research and technology transfer project focused on the stability of large open pit mines that was initiated in 2005 by a number of multinational mining companies. Originally managed by Dr. John Read under the Commonwealth of Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), the LOP was renewed in 2014 under the leadership of Dr. Marc Ruest at the University of Queensland. The development of a series of reference books is one of the initiatives sponsored by the LOP project. The Guidelines released this month follow on two previous books in the series: Guidelines for Design of Open Pit Slopes (Read and Stacey 2009) and Guidelines for Evaluating Water in Pit Slope Stability (Beale and Read 2013).

Guidelines for Mine Waste Dump and Stockpile Design is available for purchase through CSIRO Publishing in Australia and New Zealand, or CRC Press elsewhere.

For more information about the book or the LOP, please contact John Cunning, Principal, Geotechnical Engineer in the Vancouver, BC, office.