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Environmental & Social Assessment Services

As part of the Golder global engineering and environmental team, our environmental and social assessment group helps our clients build healthy and mutually beneficial relationships in the communities they serve.

Golder's multidisciplinary teams deliver the full integration of engineering, archeological, ecological, environmental, and social-management services that may be required as part of the "social license" process.

Our specialists work with each client to balance the complex environmental, social, and economic factors presented with a development project, and develop sustainable solutions in conjunction with stakeholder groups and regulatory agencies.

Environmental & Social Impact Assessment

Multidisciplinary team conducts Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) to meet local and international standards, achieve sustainable cost-effective design, and obtain project permits and financing.

Cultural Heritage

Archaeologists, ecologists, environmental engineers, and social practitioners working with industry to assess cultural heritage sensitivities, and achieve sustainable development.

Social Management & Compliance

Public participation, risk communication, conflict resolution, and ongoing stakeholder engagement services.

Ecological Services

Integrated team of ecologists, engineers, and scientific professionals offering specialized services, ranging from species inventories and monitoring, to habitat mitigation and offset planning.

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Southeast Michigan, USA

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