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Strategic Planning, Advice & Management Services

Golder supports clients in achieving sound technical solutions and sustainable business operations through multidisciplinary services that span not only science and engineering, but also strategic planning, risk assessment, information analysis, project management, and more.

Our teams provide the critical technical and management expertise needed to successfully implement environmental, engineering, social engagement, regulatory, and infrastructure projects around the world.

Take a closer look at the full integration of services we provide through our Strategic Planning, Advice & Management Group:

Information Management & Graphics

Information-management solutions, geo-scientific data management, GIS, data and spatial visualization, data analysis, and modelling services for industries worldwide.

Project Management

Project and program management services for low-, moderate-, and high-complexity projects, including diverse environmental, engineering, social engagement, regulatory, and infrastructure projects.

Mergers & Acquisitions, Divestitures & Due Diligence

M&A, divestiture, and due-diligence services supported by global expertise in consulting and engineering for manufacturing, oil and gas, mining, and power for 50 years.

Risk Assessment & Decision Analysis

Multidisciplinary teams providing environmental, human health, ecological, occupational safety, and toxicology risk assessments using advanced science, analysis methodologies, and software.

Planning, Landscape Architecture & Urban Design

Award-winning site planning and development, property redevelopment, master planning, detailed design, landscape architecture, and urban design and infrastructure services.

Facility Siting

Facility siting and routing services for power generation, solid waste management, transmission lines, natural gas and oil pipelines, and urban development and infrastructure worldwide.

Associated Projects

04_North Caspian Sea Air, et al_1.jpg

Air and Seawater Quality Monitoring System
North Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan


ANR Geologic Hazards Assessment
Midwestern and South Central US


Babcock Ranch Environmental Site Assessment
Charlotte and Lee Counties, Florida, USA

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