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Water Services

Golder’s Water Services Group provides you with a specialized science and environmental engineering team dedicated to delivering sustainable solutions in water resource management.

Our multidisciplinary teams navigate the technical, socio-economic, and environmental factors inherent with the use of water by industry or government around the world. Together, they deliver complete water management services at the highest industry standards.

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Water & Wastewater Treatment

Environmental scientists, engineers and stakeholder engagement professionals developing sustainable solutions in water and wastewater treatment for mining, power, manufacturing, oil and gas, and urban development and infrastructure industries.

Coastal & Marine

Knowledge networks through our technical communities deliver coastal and ocean engineering, geomorphology, oceanography, and marine ecology services for industry and governmental authorities.


Hydrogeologists, geochemists, environmental scientists and engineers providing characterization, assessment, and design services to address groundwater resources, quality, and remediation needs across the globe.

Surface Water & Hydrology

A worldwide team of scientists, hydrologists, hydrogeologists, and engineers specializing in surface water, hydrology, sediment transport, and water management issues.

Associated Projects


Littoral Drift Restoration Project
Benson Beach, Pacific County, Washington, USA

04_North Caspian Sea Air, et al_1.jpg

Air and Seawater Quality Monitoring System
North Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan

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