Republic Landfill Wins EPA Award for 2009

Republic's Oak Grove Landfill gas-to-energy project near Atlanta, GA has been named the EPA Landfill Methane Outreach Program's Project of the Year for 2009, a project for which Golder has provided engineering and landfill gas management services since the facility was constructed in 1996.

Each year, the EPA recognizes landfill methane projects that have reduced emissions of methane and created renewable energy. Its outreach program acknowledges projects for excellence in innovation and creativity, success in promoting project development, and achieving environmental and economic benefits.

Golder's role at Oak Grove has included:

  • Designing upgrades to the landfill gas collection system, including additional wells, gas conveyance pipes, and condensate management facilities. Golder designed a 3,000 LF, 20-inch diameter pipeline to convey the collected gas to a new flare station. We also developed design parameters and specifications for the flare system that is designed to provide landfill gas to the high BTU facility and flare any excess gas in accordance with the EPA New Source Performance Standards (NSPS). Golder worked closely with the contractor during construction to modify the design as necessary to reflect changes to the layout of the proposed high BTU facility.
  • Operations and maintenance (O&M) of the gas wellfield to optimize landfill gas quality such that it is suitable for the gas processing plant. Golder helped Republic achieve the operational goals of the facility, which initially consisted of odor control and compliance with the NSPS and included adjustments to optimize the quality of the landfill gas for processing. Golder O&M staff reduced the oxygen and nitrogen content of the collected gas from 15 to 20 percent to less than 2 percent in just over 6 months, and worked closely with design engineers to modify the collection system to maximize collected volume while optimizing gas quality.

The Winder Renewable Methane Facility will provide a locally produced, cost-effective source of renewable energy for residential and commercial customers. By converting landfill gas to pipeline-quality gas, the project not only offers economic cost savings, which are passed along to thousands of Georgia residents, and commercial and industrial establishments, but also provides significant environmental benefits. The plant's full capacity will supply enough fuel to heat 10,500 homes. The process also results in 44,500 fewer tons of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere each year.

The Golder team working on the Oak Grove project includes Kevin Brown (Project Director, Atlanta), Kellie Sak (Project Engineer and Project Manager, Atlanta), David Knapp (Operations & Maintenance Manager, Atlanta), and Mark Norden (Field Monitoring Technician, Atlanta) and Stephen Descher (Staff Environmental Scientist, Atlanta).