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Healthy Buildings, COVID-19, and Factors Impacting a Return to the Workplace

The need to make workspaces safe is a significant topic for employers and employees, as well as property owners and managers. Organizations are under pressure from their employees and tenants, with many asking, “What are you doing to make sure it’s safe for me to return to the workplace?” There may also be legislative requirements regarding

How Industrial Hygiene Professionals Help Keep Your Employees Safe and Healthy Insights

How Industrial Hygiene professionals help keep your employees safe and healthy

With employees focused on health and safety more intensely than before, the workplace environment and safety performance are new areas of competition among employers to attract and retain the best and brightest employees. In fact, according to a 2017 survey of 1,011 U.S. adults who work at small businesses, the safety of the work environment was among the top criteria that employees consider when evaluating a new job offer.

COVID-19, HVAC Systems and Why Good Building Management Matters

The proper operation and maintenance of buildings and facilities has become a key factor as countries around the world ease COVID-19 lockdown measures and reactivate economies. As buildings reopen to regular occupancy levels, what steps should businesses, schools, and communities take when looking to keep employees, customers, tenants, and the public safe — while also protecting the organization?

Futureproofing Your EHS Auditing Program

Futureproofing Your EHS Auditing Program

Golder’s Global Performance and Assurance Group provides custom EHS auditing solutions that are flexible and adaptable to meet client needs including the changed conditions that this COVID-19 outbreak presents.