Larry Soderman

An Ontario highways expert, he brought local contacts, a well-deserved reputation for integrity and a vision for a new kind of firm that would offer more than existing companies at that time.
Larry Soderman portrait

A graduate of the University of Manitoba (1952) and Athlone Fellow at the Imperial College in London, England (1955), Larry Soderman was a recognized and celebrated leader in his field of geotechnical engineering. This is all the more remarkable when you learn that Larry only lived to be 49, cutting his career short after 14 years of practice. He is remembered for many accomplishments, not the least of which was being credited as the man behind the idea of teaming Dr. Hugh Golder and Victor Milligan to create the original H.Q. Golder & Associates company. A year after his idea came to fruition, Larry was appointed Associate Professor in Engineering Sciences at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario and two years later, he joined Golder Associates as a Principal. Larry was instrumental in establishing a Golder office in London, bringing local contacts and a well-deserved reputation for integrity. He acted as a Chief Engineer with technical excellence, authoring 13 papers, mainly on the properties of clays in Eastern Canada, but also on the design of pavements in Kuwait and on geophysics. To this day, the L.G. Soderman Award, established in memory of the late Professor L.G. Soderman, distinguished Canadian geotechnical engineer, is still awarded annually to an engineer to assist with pursuing graduate studies in civil engineering at The University of Western Ontario.