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Opportunities of an Energy Management System in the Cement Industry

Jul 8, 2013

During an economic contraction, companies face sales volume reductions and at the same time fixed costs remain constant. One important running cost in the industrial sector is energy consumption; therefore energy conservation opportunities can offer a significant advantage and an increase in profit margins. Although some energy savings actions, based on technology review or substitution, may be very promising from the energy savings point of view, they are sometimes characterized by high investment costs and long payback times that discourage their realization.

Do not be discouraged. There are not only actions to undertake on new technologies, but also on an improved use of already installed systems that includes: maintenance, users' behavior supported by incentives, energy contracts review, process control and scheduling and energy consumption monitoring. These actions, characterized by low investment cost and quick payback periods, are part of the "energy management plan"; it is then necessary to have in place an energy management system, characterized by a well-established structure complying with the ISO 50001 international standard.

The ISO 50001 certification benefit is not just limited to the previously described cost reductions, but also enables to transfer to the clients the commitment towards the energy and environmental sustainability.