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Site Remediation

Successful remediation of a contaminated site demands that all aspects of the site – its history, geology, chemistry, future land and water use, and risk – are understood and integrated into an effective plan.  It’s not just about the data – we blend a wide range of science and engineering disciplines and  strong safety, planning, design, supervision and contracting skills  to deliver effective remediation solutions for our clients.

Our team has remediated thousands of small to large, simple to complex sites in densely populated, industrial and wilderness areas across the world, including:

  • Oil refineries and petrochemical facilities
  • Dry cleaners
  • Landfills
  • Marine facilities and ports
  • Historical coal gas works
  • Vehicle manufacturing facilities
  • Explosives factories
  • Mine sites including ore processing plants

We draw upon our active network of over 500 specialists who are trained and experienced in site investigation and remediation.  Through collaboration, we strive to combine our knowledge globally to deliver innovative solutions locally.

For further information, contact:
Thorsten Evertz (Hamburg, Germany)
Tel: +49 (40) 254 133 50

Software Development

At Golder, we have developed industry leading software programs that we routinely use for the assessment of key environmental issues affecting our clients. Some of these software programs include the following:

Groundwater Risk Assessment Tool for Contaminated Land
Learn more about ConSim

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