Decoding PFAS, delivering results.

Discovering new ways to resolve the environmental challenges of our era is exactly where Golder thrives. We have been addressing Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) impacts since the days when this emerging class of contaminants was still unknown to many. Today, Golder continues to lead the way with practical, innovative approaches and ground-breaking technologies to help clients overcome the challenges posed by PFAS.


Extensive experience and the latest technologies to help our clients.

Golder's experience spans all market sectors, including Government and Infrastructure, Waste, Manufacturing, Power, Oil and Gas, and Mining. We can bring a wealth of knowledge to your site.

We have successfully assisted in hundreds of projects associated with the PFAS impacts from firefighting foams and use of PFAS as surfactants, coating materials, mist suppressants, in other industrial processes, and consumer products.

Leading-edge solutions that push the boundaries of scientific discovery.

One of the strongest assets Golder can offer you is our global PFAS technical community. Comprised of over 100 experienced subject matter experts, this internal network collaborates, innovates and shares best practices and the latest trends in the scientific and regulatory landscape from around the world to solve local problems.

Your PFAS-related problems can be efficiently mitigated, and your project goals met thanks to the innovations gleaned from our experience.

100+ PFAS specialists
100+ PFAS Projects
155+ office locations
Research and Innovation

Through an innovative approach and applied research into PFAS testing, assessment, and treatment, we are breaking new ground in the investigation and remediation/treatment of these challenging contaminants.

Comprehensive and scalable framework

We have developed a comprehensive and scalable PFAS site-investigation framework that can be used to:

  • Characterize and differentiate PFAS sources, plumes, and background concentrations and identify cases of cross-contamination
  • Compare PFAS signatures in multiple investigation locations and between media to assist with fate and transport assessments
  • Identify critical parameters on which to focus for risk assessment, risk management, or remediation
Promising advancements

Promising advancements continue to be made on our R&D projects. These include the development of innovative analytical protocols, assessment of fate and transport parameters and speciation, identification of toxicity drivers using metabolomics and genomic methods, passive sampling techniques, and PFAS destruction and treatment methods for soil, water and leachate.

Recent breakthroughs

A recent breakthrough that has been made in the destruction of PFAS in soil utilizes ball milling, a process that could become the first sustainable solution for complete breakdown of PFAS in soil. We are now working with our research partners on scaling up and testing this solution so it can be applied to solve the problems that you and other clients around the world may encounter.

Cases and Perspectives

Explore how our experts apply their knowledge and experience to help clients like you address and overcome the challenges posed by PFAS.

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