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You’ve invested in the right tools – now get the most from them.

So you’ve put a lot of effort into choosing the right enterprise software to help your business succeed. Yet you’re concerned because you’ve read studies showing that many implementations fail to deliver the expected benefits.

You’ve decided you need someone who will work hard to understand your priorities, and then walk alongside you through the process of making the software work for your organization.

Golder can help make your implementation a smooth one – based on our many years of experience working to understand our clients’ needs and then custom-developing solutions to meet those needs.


A practical approach in which the solution must fit the situation, not the other way around.

Golder Digital Solutions’ advantage is our multi-disciplinary engineering and professional teams combined with our strong technical capabilities. For nearly 60 years, we’ve been designing solutions to the problems our clients face – solutions that are both technically sound and workable. We bring the same disciplined, practical approach to helping you get the most from your investment in software.

Solutions tailored to your needs

Partnering with a qualified and experienced solution implementer is critical to your digital transformation initiatives. Golder will work hard to understand your requirements, and then help you develop your software solution to fit your needs, rather than expecting you to conform to the software.

You can rely on our many years of experience understanding our clients’ priorities and then custom-fitting our solutions to maximize your technology investments.

Helping you achieve compliance and efficiency

Golder’s experts have a strong track record for helping our clients comply with regulations. We know that there’s a wide array of expectations on you. These can include internal requirements and procedures, as well as external requirements such as environmental health and safety (EHS) regulations, and increasingly there are expectations around sustainability. Given our strong background in helping our clients meet regulatory requirements and face complex challenges, we can help make sure your system is set up to support the compliance obligations you face.

We’re with you from start to finish

Many implementation teams are short-term focused – they want to do the job and then move on to the next one. At Golder, many of our business relationships last for decades – not due to a slow execution period, but because our clients find value in what we can provide long-term. We’re supporting them not on a transactional basis, but in a business relationship. We act as your business partner, invested in your long-term success.

We can provide the same long-term support for your implementation – at the start, and as your needs evolve.

Put Us to Work for You

Golder offers a full set of software implementation services that can be deployed together, individually or in targeted groups for each client’s specific needs. No engagement is one size fits all because no client’s needs are.

Domain Expertise to Meticulously Navigate Complex Environments

Golder provides environmental, health, and safety information services to some of the world’s most highly regulated industries, including: manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, transportation, power, the waste industry, and municipalities. Our solutions include:

  • Auditing
  • Chemicals inventory
  • Emission inventories
  • Enterprise Risk consulting
  • Industrial Hygiene / Occupational Health
  • Management of Change
  • Permit to Work
  • Permitting
  • Quality Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Remediation data & portfolio management
  • Risk Management
  • Safety Management
  • Sustainability
  • Waste Management

Leveraging “out-of-the-box” systems for optimal results

We work alongside your teams and partners to overcome challenges and set you up for success.

With all the software and configuration options available in the market, it is easy to overdesign and overconfigure a software platform. Golder’s approach has always been to leverage as much intrinsic, out-of-the-box functionality as possible and reserve advanced configuration for addressing customer-specific requirements. Our extensive work with the software providers listed below makes us the ideal partner to leverage these tools for optimal results. Let our specialists help you to maximize the value of your selected platform.
  • link to Bloomberg site

  • ehs sustainability

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  • Enablon

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  • Donesafe
  • Enfos

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  • earthsoft
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