Congratulations 2017 Principals and Associates

Jun 27, 2017

With the ambition of solving our clients’ most complex engineering and scientific challenges, Golder relies upon the skill, innovation and dedication of our experts. We are scientists and engineers, ecologists and economists, geochemists and geologists, planners and builders, business professionals, and much more. We are more than 6,500 employees working from over 165 offices on six continents. We are passionate problem-solvers who are personally invested in both ownership of the firm, and the success of our clients.

Our work is guided by a special leadership team—our Principals and Associates—who hold a distinct place in ownership, responsibility and strategy. This month, we have appointed 12 new Principals and 32 new Associates who embody Golder’s values, are ambassadors in our communities, and deliver for our clients.

It is with great pride that we announce Golder’s newest Principals and Associates. Congratulations to the new appointees!

Leaders Honored as Principals & Associates

Principals    Associates   
Karen Besemann, Sudbury   Brent Barbich, Mt. Laurel Paul Hurst, Ottawa
Grant Bonin, Vancouver   Carey Beckham, Redmond Steve Jagdat, Markham
Deborah Chan-Yan, Vancouver   Mike Bidart, Reno Tiffany Johnson, Lansing
Bruce Dawson, Melbourne   Krystle-Rae Biram, Brisbane Erik Karlsson, Luleå
Reginald Hammah, Accra   Ryan Birkenholz, Minneapolis Susan Mathieu, Calgary
Greg Hebeler, Atlanta   Hugh Carter, Vancouver Rob Noden, Leeds
Urban Högsta, Gothenburg   Fabien Comby, Montreal Wolf Ploeger, Calgary
Ivan Kwan, Perth   Brian Daniels, Mississauga Tamra Reynolds, Whitehorse
Kevin MacKenzie, Cambridge   Bart DeFreitas, Terrace Nigel Ruxton, Brisbane
Peter Merry, Mississauga   Amanda Derhake, St. Louis Eduardo Salfate, Santiago
Humberto Puebla, Vancouver   Bradley Drouin, Ottawa Sergio Settanni, Turin
Graeme Skinner, Mississauga   Allen Eade, Mississauga Danny Tolmer, Vancouver
    Dale Edwards, Whitby Matthew Uidam, Brisbane
    Skya Fawcett, Calgary Lissa van Camp, Adelaide
    Josh Hanson, Redmond Renee Weaver, Greensboro
    Chris Hemingway, Newark Pietro Zenesi, Montreal

About Golder Associates

A 100 percent employee-owned organization with over 55 years of experience and operating from 165 offices worldwide, Golder’s more than 6,500 employees deliver solutions that help our clients achieve their sustainable development goals by providing a wide range of independent consulting, design, and construction services in our specialist areas of earth, environment, and energy.

For more information, please contact:
Golder Associates Corporation
Wendy Stoveland, Director, Global Communications
Tel: +1 (914) 584-1603
Email: Wendy_Stoveland@golder.com

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