Software Development

At Golder, we have developed industry leading software programs that we routinely use for the assessment of key environmental issues affecting our clients. Some of these software programs include the following:


Online Data Analysis Tool

Aniconist is a set of proprietary online data analysis tools developed by Golder professionals to seamlessly connect our specialists around the world as well as provide clients with 24/7/365 support and service. Developed with collaboration in mind, these tools allow both Golder staff and our clients a way to stay on top of their sites at all times with the only requirement being an internet connection.


Groundwater Risk Assessment Tool for Contaminated Land

ConSim was created and developed by Golder in 1999 for the Environment Agency in England and Wales as a tool to assess quantitatively the risk to groundwater by leaching contaminants. It is a relatively simple tool that uses commonly available site investigation data to model site-specific contaminant mobilisation and transport in the unsaturated zone, and contaminant transport in the saturated zone. ConSim version 2.5 was released in October 2009.


DELIM Brochure  

Digitally Mapping Environmental hazards

DELIM is a service offered by Golder to assist facility owners and managers to reduce uncertainty associated with the cost, timing, and the management of hazardous materials and environmental issues, when demolishing or renovating a facility or network of infrastructure. The service combines proven technologies to efficiently and accurately scan infrastructure to BIM, providing clients with the information needed to make decisions relating to maintenance, design and/or demolition. DELIM provides a governance framework for information management that ensures decision makers and stakeholders have the information they need, when they need it, to make the most informed decisions based on the best quality and cost effective data.


The world's leading fractured reservoir modelling software

FracMan - created and owned by Golder - is the premier software that allows analysis and modelling of heterogeneous and fractured rock masses. It allows users to visualise fracture system, test conceptual understanding, determine the best strategies, and quantify risks and uncertainties. FracMan helps to close the gap between geology and production behaviour.


Landfill Gas Risk Assessment Tool

GasSim was created and developed by Golder in 2002 for the Environment Agency of England and Wales as a tool to assess the risks to various receptors from landfill gas. GasSim version 2 was released in January 2006.


Sustainability decision support tool

GoldSET - created and owned by Golder - is a multi-criteria analytical tool to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of engineering projects with respect to the environmental, social, and economic dimensions of sustainable development. It allows for the comparison of different options on a balanced, impartial, and comprehensive basis. As such, it can help identify optimal solutions for decision-making based on the principles of sustainable development. This sustainability analysis results in a so-called "triple-bottom-line" assessment, expanding the traditional analytical framework to take into account environmental and social performances in addition to financial performance.


Groundwater Risk Assessment Tool for Landfill Design

LandSim was created and developed by Golder in 1996 for the Environment Agency in England and Wales as a tool to assess the leakage of leachate from landfill sites and its impact on groundwater, to satisfy the requirements of the EU Groundwater Directive (80/68/EEC). It is a well structured and user friendly tool that assesses leakage from a landfill, attenuation in the subsurface environment, and dilution and contaminant transport in the saturated zone. LandSim 2.5 was launched in 2003.

Ore Block Optimisation

Ore Block Optimisation Brochure
OBO - Grade Control Solution

Ore Block Optimisation The OBO system is a tool for mining geologists to maximise profit for their mining operation by producing optimal, repeatable and consistent ore-blocks.

WRATE (Waste and Resources Assessment for the Environment) 

The latest most up-to-date waste life cycle assessment tool on the market

WRATE was developed by Golder for the Environment Agency of England and Wales as a Life Cycle Assessment model for waste management. WRATE is used to assess the environmental impacts of waste management activities during their whole life. It allows users to track the environmental impacts from kerbside collection to advanced waste treatment facilities, such as anaerobic digestion, through to ultimate disposal. WRATE has been designed by waste managers for waste managers. WRATE is now owned and supported by Golder Associates.