What does a globally collaborating consulting engineering firm do for you?

Golder's Technical Communities bring together professional colleagues who share a common technical discipline and those who provide specialised services to our clients. With over 45 active communities, members share knowledge, best practices and resources, and create diverse mentoring and learning opportunities for staff at all levels.

The community members convene regularly to discuss new scientific and engineering developments, exchange ideas and seek innovative solutions to client challenges. Golder technical communities operate without borders. They do this successfully because Golder is a widely held employee-owned company in which fellow owners support each other in the common goal of finding the best solutions for our clients, regardless of location, such as: 

  • Reduce the site investigation cost for a project in Canada by over 80% as compared to the client’s proposed work program by utilizing specialized solutions previously developed in New Zealand for a similar situation.
  • Save a client in the UK 7 days of work on an intense air modelling project by tapping into the knowledge of its global air practitioners.
  • Cut in half the time required to complete a numerical groundwater modelling task for a mining client by leveraging time zones in Europe & Canada to establish a workflow to allow two review periods in each day rather than one.
  • Allow very aggressive and unusual timelines for slope stability risks analysis for a deep open pit mine for an emergency project without compromising the needs of local clients. We were able to commit resources to our client by connecting people from five different offices across three operating regions (US – Canada and South America).