Our management system delivers consistent global performance, responsive to local needs.

Employee ownership is one aspect of the Golder culture. Another is our management and leadership structure. Rather than maintaining a top-down structure, we prefer decisions to be made close to the level where their impact will be felt and aligned with direct responsibility. This distributed decision-making is carried out by two distinct groups.

Principals and Associates -- people with proven technical excellence and leadership ability to perform essential project tasks, direct and manage projects, interface with clients, mentor other employees and support other parts of the company.

Managers -- group and office managers, national presidents and our global president - support the success of our people. They provide the environment and tools that allow our principals and associates to do award-winning work for clients. 

Golder Associates Operating Group:

  • Hisham Mahmoud President & CEO, Golder Associates Corporation 
  • Mark Brightman  Global Mining
  • Tom Logan  Americas
  • Anna-Lena Oberg-Hogsta Europe & Middle East
  • Hannah Hamling Asia Pacific
  • Tom Logan COO
  • Lee Anne Lackey CFO
  • Michael Strain   Controller
  • Nancy Wilk Health and Safety
  • Nick Bizic People
  • Charlie Voss Risk