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We bring you almost forty years of comprehensive environmental waste management consultancy experience in the development of waste management systems, facilities and strategies in developed and emerging economies. We take you from planning and permitting, through design and construction to operation and maintenance, achieving a suitable balance of social, economic and environmental performance for all companies' waste, recycling, waste and environmental management needs.

We provide environmental monitoring and compliance, construction inspection and project management services.

Collections Services:  System evaluation, compliance monitoring and auditing.

Transfer:  Permitting, design and construction management

Waste Systems Planning: Environmental Impact Assessments, alternative technology review and evaluation and life cycle assessment for environmental waste management.

Waste Systems Design: Sitting and permitting through design to closure (composting, recycling, mechanical biological treatment and aerobic digestion, landfilling, incineration) and redevelopment

Landfill gas to energy: Landfill gas capture and utilization, planning and design

Sustainability services:  Carbon footprint evaluation and environmental waste management

We also assist our clients in program management, privatization support, asset evaluation, market analysis, capital and operating expenditure estimating, rate studies and mergers and acquisitions. 

For more information, contact:
Andrew Nickodem (Green Bay, USA)
Tel: +1 (920) 491-2500

Associated Projects


623 Landfill Stream Mitigation
Goochland County, Virginia, USA

Oak grove landfill.jpg

Oak Grove Sanitary Landfill
Barrow County, Georgia, USA

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Software Development

At Golder, we have developed industry leading software programs that we routinely use for the assessment of key environmental issues affecting our clients. Some of these software programs include the following:

Landfill Gas Risk Assessment Tool
Click here to learn more.

Sustainability decision support tool
Click here to learn more.

Groundwater Risk Assessment Tool for Landfill Design
Click here to learn more.

WRATE (Waste and Resources Assessment for the Environment)
The latest most up-to-date waste life cycle assessment tool on the market
Click here to learn more.

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