Webinar: Digital Strategy for Stakeholder Engagement

Webinar: Digital Strategy for Stakeholder Engagement

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic radically changed how companies must now interact with stakeholders and business partners, stakeholder engagement and communication strategies have been evolving to embrace the digital era.

On Thursday, May 28th, Dr. Massimo Dragan, Senior Director of Golder’s global Media Lab, led an informative webinar to help companies understand how to better use digital technologies to create and enhance a collaborative conversation with stakeholders and business partners. Concepts that were explored included:

  • Creating an interactive digital storyboard of the project, event, incident or activity
  • Designing information to define the message and manage the language around a project
  • Establishing two-way, interactive relationships with local communities
  •  Removing the technical language and visualization barriers for an accessible communication approach
  • Supporting the creation of a documentation record to support the regulatory approval process

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May 28 2020


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Rachel DeSalis

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