Achieving Long-term Erosional Stability – the Value of a Geomorphic Approach

Geomorphic design of mine waste structures (tailings facilities, waste rock, etc.) blends the flexibility of the natural environment with the rigor of engineered defenses.  On many sites, an integration of several design methods is needed to meet the target volumes while limiting the erosion risk.  Further, evaluating your landform design with Landscape Evolution Models (LEMs) allows for an assessment of long-term performance in terms of erosion, deposition, water management, and sediment discharge downstream.  The integration of LEMs with geomorphic designs can demonstrate “safe and stable” post closure, facilitate design refinement and assess the possible levels of maintenance that may be required.

Join this 30-minute webinar for an in-depth case study of an implemented geomorphic landform design, and to learn more about landscape evolution models, their inputs, outputs and application.

The case study will discuss how simplicity in design, balancing surface curvature and slopes are key to a practical but functional final landform.  Understanding the soils erodibility and the limitations around revegetation are also part of lessons learned. The review of landscape evolution models provides insights into how these models are used in mine closure to quantify potential performance of the landscape. The role of climate projections in your models, and their influence on erosion, is also discussed.

Our presenters have experience on a range of sites, and their insight into what has worked for their clients in the geomorphic landform design space and the practical application of LEMs will provide useful information for sites targeting a positive legacy within their existing landscape. Join this short webinar to learn more about where these methods could be useful for the development, evaluation and implementation of your mine closure plans.

Our Presenters

Chris Waygood, Principal Mine Closure Specialist

Chris is a Civil Engineer with over 35 years of experience mainly in the fields of mining and water related projects ranging from large river diversions to water management plans and including mine closure in both South Africa and Australia.  Over the last 8 years he has developed specific expertise in geomorphic landform design for mining overburden, designing and assisting with the construction of these landforms on most of the large open cut coal mines in NSW, Australia.

Dr. Neeltje Slingerland, Mine Closure Specialist

Neeltje specializes in geomorphic landform design for closure of mine waste structures. She has 15 years of experience in landform design and is currently advancing methods for evaluation of long-term landform performance (erosion) using landscape evolution models. Neeltje has a PhD in geo-environmental engineering from the University of Alberta and is also a registered landscape architect and a geoscientist-in-training.

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May 31 2023




Online / OnDemand


Alana Arcand

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