Analysis of fractured rock slopes event

Analysis of fractured rock slopes and benches using drone data with DFN analysis

Golder’s FracMan® software provides unrivalled power to solve practical geological and engineering related issues in mining, oil and gas, and many other sectors. It helps you visualise fracture systems, test conceptual understanding, determine the best strategies, and quantify risks and uncertainties.

During the introduction you will experience low-quality sound, but it is completely resolved by 2 min and 15 sec.

This webinar, presented by Golder’s Mark Cottrell at the Extractive Industry Geology Conferences Webinar Series, offers an integrated methodology and workflow for the characterisation and analysis of naturally fractured rocks. The Lecture’s three main sections report on the Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) method and use.

The first section focuses on an overarching approach, covering a brief history of the approach, its basic philosophy and typical methodology, as well as outlining data and characterisation requirements of the approach.

The second section considers strategies for obtaining key rock mass mechanical descriptions including block size distributions, rock mass measures such GSI values and key effective rock mass property values.

The final section reports how DFN description can be carried forward to perform insightful geotechnical analysis considering in situ stress prediction, kinematic block stability analysis for benches/slopes and tunnels, excavation analysis, and support strategies such as grouting and bolting etc.

These workflows are considered key to underpinning the characterisation process as well as the optimised design and construction phases for underground developments.

The event is finished.

Tags: Digital, FracMan, GATE


Jun 09 2023


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