Boron-doped Diamond Electro-oxidation for the Treatment of PFAS in Water

Boron-doped Diamond Electro-oxidation for the Treatment of PFAS in Water

Golder has hit a significant milestone with the successful bench-scale testing of an innovative electro-oxidation technology that destroys PFAS in water.

Prime applications of this technology are sites where PFAS-containing firefighting foam, consumer or industrial products has been produced, used, stocked or disposed of, such as landfills, mine sites, oil and gas plants, including oil rigs; waste management sites, military sites, ships and transportation sites, including airports, train stations and locomotive maintenance centers.

This novel technology is energy-efficient, sustainable, its electrodes last years and it produces no waste. And, best of all, treatment is achieved not by concentrating or transferring the PFAS molecules, but by actually destroying them.

Listen to this webinar, presented by Dr. Valerie Leveille, to learn how this electro-oxidation technology works and its benefits.

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Tags: Environmental, Health & Safety, Manufacturing, North America, PFAS, Regulatory Compliance, Remediation, Sustainability, Waste, Water


Apr 01 2023




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