How a Design-with-Nature Approach Builds Value into Port and Marine Developments

Coastal Zone Canada

The Coastal Zone Canada Conference will bring together coastal zone management professionals to discuss Integrated Coastal Zone Management practices.  Golder is proud to be presenting a special session during the conference, as well as part of the agenda.

Golder Presentation

Practical Delivery of Nature-based Shoreline Solutions
June 14, 2021

Nature-based shoreline solutions provide natural resilience to waterfront communities and infrastructure, they work well as habitat restoration and can provide a benefit for restoration and compensation benefits to offset project impacts. They are an innovative and cost-effective method for coastal zone management because they can add relatively low maintenance green space to coastal lands and provide some ancillary benefits that include: recreational asset, flood protection, erosion protection, carbon sink, fish and wildlife habitat. In this interactive session we outline an effective and responsible multi-stage process for design, implementation, and monitoring of nature-based shoreline solutions.

Presenters: Phil Osborne, Morgan Tidd, Keyvan Mahlujy

Insight article: How a Design-with-Nature Approach Builds Value into Port and Marine Developments

Flooding and Erosion Vulnerability and Risk in a Changing Climate: Shaktoolik, AK
Wednesday, June 16

Golder’s flooding, erosion, and climate risk assessment for the community of Shaktoolik gives a time horizon to prioritize short term activities regarding erosion and flood protection for critical infrastructure, and to plan for the future when such protection is no longer sustainable.

Presenters: Phil Osborne (Golder), Janya Kelly (Golder), Rick Mitchells (Golder), Sean Capstick (Golder), Isaac Pearson (Bristol Engineering Services), Evan Elder (Bristol Engineering Services)

Project profile: Climate Change Vulnerability and Risk Assessment for an “At-Risk” Community

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The event is finished.

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