Webinar: Deep Well Injection for Leachate and Wastewater Management

Deep Well Injection for Leachate and Wastewater Management

Leachate and contact water management can be a landfill’s largest annual expense and an increasingly important technical challenge for industrial and municipal landfill owners and operators, even in the driest of climates. Current practices, such as discharge to an off-site publicly owned treatment works, may not be a viable long-term solution due to the changing regulatory environment and economic considerations.

Join our experienced professionals, Arlen Striegl, PE, and Jacob Sauer, PE, for a discussion of an alternative approach to manage these wastewaters.

This webinar will:

  • Provide an overview of deep underground injection
  • Describe the conditions under which deep underground injection may be a favorable solution
  • Present the highlights of permitting, designing, constructing, and operating a deep underground injection well through case studies
  • Discuss the benefits and costs of deep underground injection

The event is finished.

Tags: Environmental, Mining, Waste, Water


Nov 27 2022


Linda Grover

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