Webinar: Canada Bill C-69 Fisheries Act

Webinar: Fish and Fish Habitat Protection Under the Recent Changes to the Fisheries Act

The fish and fish habitat protection provisions of Bill C-68, which came into force on August 28, 2019, strengthen some protections for aquatic species and protect the interests of people who depend on them. Any development project in Canada – whether construction, mining, oil and gas or any other sector – that has the potential to impact a body of water is likely to be affected by changes to the country’s Fisheries Act (Act).

During this interactive webinar, Golder specialist, Kasey Clipperton, Senior Fisheries Biologist, provides a professional perspective on the implications the changes to the Act have on developments, and discusses how proponents can best manage changes to the Act and the factors that need to be considered for current and future projects.

The event is ongoing.


Apr 02 2023


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Itza Acosta

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