International Mine Water Association Conference and International Conference on Acid Rock Drainage

Join us in Pretoria at this marquee double-header event! These combined international conferences bring together the latest in mine water management and treatment, and the geochemistry that ties everything together. Following on the release of the GARD Guide in 2009, for which Golder led the development team, the mining industry has experienced great strides in the prevention and mitigation of acid rock drainage and in mine water management. We’re looking forward to hearing from our peers in September and contributing to the body of knowledge and implementation of best practices in the mine water field. Keep an eye out for these presentations by Golder:

Technical Presentations:

Probabilistic Simulation of Snowmelt and Runoff at Mine Sites in Cold Climates
Speaker: Hollie Garrick

Ecohydrology in Mine Water Studies
Speaker: Gareth Digges La Touche

Experiences with Autonomous Sampling of Pit Lakes in North America using Drone Aircraft and Drone Boats
Speaker: Devin Castendyk

Understanding Acid Rock Drainage in the West African Shield
Speaker: David Love

Critical Importance of Conceptual Model Development When Assessing Mine Impacts on Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems: Case Study of an Australian Mine Development
Speaker: Alan Puhalovich

Influence of Probability Distribution Function Sampling Frequency on Stochastic Water Quality Model Predictions
Speaker: Kristina Skeries

Prediction of Seepage Quality from Coal Discard Facility in a Semi-Arid Climate
Speaker: Koovila Naicker

Sinkhole Development on Mine Flooding
Speaker: Gareth Digges La Touche


Model Simulations of the Layered Development of Waste Rock Stockpiles, Progressive Moisture Changes and Potential Seepage Generation in a Low Rainfall Environment: Case Study of an Australian Mine Development
Speaker: Alan Puhalovich

More information on the conference is available on

The event is ongoing.

Tags: Africa, Mining, South Africa


Apr 02 2023


12:00 am - 11:59 pm

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