Dark tunnel in old uranium mine in Poland

MassMin2020: The 8th International Conference on Mass Mining

Join us online at the 8th International Conference on Mass Mining, bringing together the latest research and insights for improved production reliability and safety of cave and mass mining operations.

Golder is proud to be contributing to this important knowledge share as a Gold Sponsor of the conference and through the following lecture and technical presentations:

Golder Lecture:

Innovation in Rock Engineering – Thoughts from the Past; Looking to the Future
Wednesday December 9th
12:30-1:10PM (GMT-3)

Speakers: Dr Ross Hammett, Mr Richard Beddoes, Dr Rob Bewick

Technical Presentations:

Interpretation of Stress Conditions at the Grasberg Mining Complex
Wednesday December 9th 9:40AM
Speaker: Chris Groccia, Rock Mechanics Engineer

The Application of Civil Engineering Construction Practices in Cave Mines for Improved Extraction and Reliability
Thursday December 10th 10:20AM
Speaker: Oliver Colbeck, Director of Engineering & Underground Infrastructure

2D Value in 3D Caving Problems
Thursday December 10th 5:00PM 
Speaker: Justin Roy, Rock Mechanics Engineer

Stress Measurement Campaign Key Considerations
Friday December 11th 8:20AM
Speaker: Chris Groccia, Rock Mechanics Engineer

Geotechnical Hazard Maps – A Tool for Ground Support Rehabilitation Forecasting in Active Underground Mines
Friday December 11th 10:40AM
Speaker: Elsa Tasse, Sr Project Engineer

Understanding and Planning for Excavation Challenges
Friday December 11th 10:40AM
Speaker: Rob Bewick, Principal, Sr Rock Mechanics Engineer

A complete schedule, including live Q&A details, and registration information are available at https://www.massmin2020.com.

For insights into the block cave mining method read our article entitled “Block Caving: A Viable Alternative?


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Jun 08 2023


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