Remtech Expo, Blended Edition

Golder will be presenting at Remtech, Blended Edition. The conference will feature presentations and short courses within the theme of remediation, coasts, floods, climate, seismic, regeneration and industry. The first two days of the conference (20-21 September) will be fully digital, and the other three days (22-24 September) will be hybrid so in presence but also broadcasted through an online platform.

Golder Presentations

Monday, September 20
15.20 – 15.35 CEST
Title: The Development of Gasworks and How this can Inform Site Investigation, Remediation and Heritage
Session 3: Sustainable Management of Contaminated Sites
Presenting authors: Russell Thomas, WSP
Co-author: Jean Pierre Davit, Golder

Tuesday, September 21
14.30 – CEST
Session 7: “HRSC, High Resolution Site Characterization” Remtech Europe
Chairs: Jean Pierre Davit, Golder , Deyi Hou and Nicola Harries

17.00 – CEST
Session Brownfield: La rigenerazione dei siti contaminati in tempi di PNRR. Esperienze e prospettive
Chairs: Jean Pierre Davit, Golder, Armando Cammarata and Mentore Vaccari

Wednesday, September 22
17.20 – 17.35 CEST
Title: Case study – sustainable remediation of PFAS impacts at an active fire training ground using passive, cost effective methods
Session 15: PFAS, Remediating the Forever Chemical
Presenting author: Anna De Fina, Golder
Co-author: Andrew Sullivan, Rachael Wall, Jonathan Medd, Golder

Thursday, September 23
09.55– 10.15 CEST
Title: Remediation resilience under a changing climate
Session 16: Microplastics and sediments: Two main threats for ports and coastal areas
Presenting authors: Giovanni Marsilio, Golder
Co-author: Emanuele Bobbio, Cristian Villata, Chiastellaro Rodolfo, Jean Pierre Davit, Golder

10.30 – 10.45 CEST
Title: Caso studio di una bonifica sostenibile di pfas a un centro di esercitazione antincendio usando metodi passivi ed economicamente sostenibili
Session: Tecnologie di bonifica dei suoli contaminati: Tecnologie innovative, best practices e gestione sostenibile
Presenting author: Anna De Fina, Golder
Co-author: Andrew Sullivan, Rachael Wall, Jonathan Medd, Anna De Fina, Golder

12.05-12.20 CEST
Title: Feasibility test for the remediation of an Hexavalent Chromium contamination by chemical reduction
Session 19: Groundwater remediation in difficult conditions
Presenting authors: Christophe Barnier and David Sette, Golder
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14:30 – 16:30 CEST
Title: Global Technical Excellence Conference (GTEC)” per condividere innovazione, imparare dai colleghi e consolidare il network tecnico globale
Workshop: “Employment & Education innovative nelle attività di risanamento ambientale sostenibile” – Roadshow di esperienze innovative in materia di formazione sui temi del risanamento ambientale. Tavola rotonda a cura delle imprese associate.
Presenting author: Anna De Fina, Golder

17:15 – 17.30 CEST
Title: Applicazione della tecnologia trap&treat per la bonifica di un hot-spot di contaminazione da idrocarburi presente nelle acque sotterranee di un punto vendita carburanti
Session: Tecnologie di bonifica delle acque sotterranee: Tecnologie innovative, best practices e gestione sostenibile
Presenting author: Laura Valeriani, Golder
Co-author: Federica De Giorgi, Golder

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The event is ongoing.

Tags: Environmental, Remediation


Apr 02 2023


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