RETC 2019

Industry leaders and practitioners from around the world will gather at the Rapid Excavation and Tunneling Conference (RETC), June 16 to 19, in Chicago.  Members of Golder’s global tunneling team will be attending and presenting innovations in tunneling practice.  Golder is also a proud sponsor of RETC.

Golder’s Technical Presentations:

Soft Ground Tunneling Techniques for Mine Access Development

June 17, 2019

Authors: Joe Anderson, Ben Ablett, Ed Gillard,  Jack Nolan, Gabino Preciado

The use of wet-mix structural sprayed concrete support has become increasingly prevalent in the tunneling industry over the last 50 years, to support both soft ground and hard rock conditions in temporary and permanent cases.  In contrast, the mining industry has typically used shotcrete, bolts and mesh as ground support in hard rock applications.  Applying techniques successfully implemented in civil tunneling was valuable when establishing a new hard rock development in South America. This presentation will discuss the design and construction considerations of the project, including the challenges met in implementing such a scheme in a remote location, with difficult ground conditions, and a hard rock mining team.

About the Authors:

Joe Anderson, P.Eng., Structural Engineer, has almost 10 years’ experience in the design and construction of shafts and tunnels in competent and unstable ground, utilising structural concrete/sprayed concrete, steel, cast iron and composite linings to resist water and or ground pressures.

Ben Ablett, M.Eng., is a Principal Design Engineer with 18 years consultancy experience, specializing in construction methodology, underground temporary and permanent structures supporting clients to realize their bespoke underground projects in the mining and tunneling industry worldwide.

Ed Gillard, M.Eng., is a Design Engineer with more than 7 years’ experience designing of a variety of underground temporary and permanent structures, as well as construction sequencing and temporary works design for squareworks tunnels.

Jack Nolan, B.Eng., is a Mining Project Coordinator with over 10 years of experience in mine construction, specialising in difficult ground conditions.  He has a broad range of development work in both shaft sinking and tunneling and is keenly interested in rapid excavation and the application of new technology to the shaft sinking and tunneling industry.

Gabino Preciado, B.Sc., is a Senior Project Engineer, with 15 years of experience in shaft and underground excavation, including shaft sinking, mine development and civil tunneling techniques. Particular interest and expertise in rapid excavation, and shotcrete.

For more information: RETC 2019

The event is ongoing.

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