Webinar: Water Stewardship: Taking Action in Mining

Water Stewardship: Taking Action in Mining

This on-demand webinar is eligible for 2.0 professional development credits.

In mining, the value of resources are constantly being evaluated and the industry has long understood one of their most valuable resources is water. However, mining companies now need to move from a simple mine water management mindset to a broader scope of water stewardship, extending even beyond the boundaries of the site.

Join Golder and the ICMM as we explore what water stewardship really means in this on-demand webinar featuring:

  • Hayley Zipp, ICMM – Senior Manager, Environment & Social & Economic Development
  • Hu Fleming, Golder – Director of Water Strategy & Sustainability
  • Brendan O’Brien, Golder – Senior Water Resources Engineer

The webinar will cover:

  • What water stewardship encompasses
    • The business case driving the industry towards higher levels of water performance
  • The ICMM Water Stewardship Framework
    • Practical tools for program development
  • Key elements of a water stewardship plan
    • Strategies for designing effective corporate goals and responses to the move from water management to water stewardship
  • Implementation of a water stewardship strategy
    • Strategic actions to gain traction and make progress at site

The ICMM water stewardship position statement provides an actionable framework for creating and managing a sustainable water stewardship plan. Relevant to all mining companies, the guidelines apply to both the site and corporate level for the benefit of communities and industry alike.

As you watch the webinar, you can submit any questions into the GoToWebinar chat. Our team will receive them and follow-up with you via email.

Learn Practical Steps to Achieving Water Stewardship
Learn Practical Steps to Achieving Water Stewardship
Learn Practical Steps to Achieving Water Stewardship

The event is ongoing.

Tags: Mining, Water


Feb 09 2023


Alana Arcand

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