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Massive undertakings such as dams, tunnels, and waste and water management facilities demand the highest levels of structural integrity, risk management, operability and safety.

That’s why we embed design expertise into our engineering and environmental consulting teams — from day one. We use an integrated, multidisciplinary approach that ensures continuity of knowledge and expertise throughout your project’s life cycle — from the consulting and design phases to the construction and contracting phases.

Golder’s strength in keeping your project on track also lies in its ability to advance the design work in parallel with our permitting, regulatory, construction, and contracting services — to deliver a business-aligned solution that endures the test of time.

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"Our total grasp of your geotechnical, hydrological, environmental, and regulatory considerations allows us to design the utmost safety and sustainability into your operation."

- Paul Bedell, Principal-Senior Geotechnical Engineer, North America

Whether you have solid waste, water treatment, contaminated soils, mining, flood hazard, or other mitigation needs, we deliver fit-for-purpose design solutions. Designs that are sustainable for your business and the environment.

We understand the critical nature of the operational, engineering, and environmental conditions affecting your operations. From engineering analysis and design development to completed design deliverables, our consultants and technical specialists collaborate at every stage.

Our design work reflects this deep knowledge base and industry insight. We assess, anticipate and plan. Ultimately, we design safety into your project and management systems to reduce or mitigate the risks inherent in your operations.

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