Environmental Solutions for Global Stewardship

We have the honor of partnering with diverse industries and governments around the world to solve environmental challenges and achieve sustainable solutions.

We support our clients from start to finish. From performing Environmental Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) to developing solutions to minimize and manage impacts – guiding for improved environmental, health and safety performance for sustainable operations.

We’re strategic advisors, environmental and social scientists and engineers who understand your challenges … sensitive ecosystems, health and safety imperatives, community concerns, regulatory compliance and commercial viability.

We do the science, engineering and stakeholder engagement needed for project approvals, safe and sustainable operations and successful reclamation.

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"We help clients achieve corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship when designing, developing, operating and decommissioning a project."

- Mervyn Mason, Associate, Sr. Impact Assessment & Biodiversity Specialist, Australia

Our globally integrated network —  geologists, hydrologists, hydrogeologists, geochemists, biodiversity specialists, social consulting, and health and safety practitioners — brings immense experience to each project. They bring knowledge of international best practices and the ability to navigate complex local regulatory and cultural environments.

From performing the ESIA in order to gain approval for mining on the Solomon Islands off Papua New Guinea to incorporating geomorphic solutions into a flagship stream restoration project through a major Canadian city, we provide the multidisciplinary services needed to help you achieve your project objectives.

Golder’s environmental teams are also sought for assistance in large-scale environmental remediation. We were among the first companies to begin remediation at a major tailings dam breach in Brazil. And at Mount Polley, British Columbia, to head up water quality testing and monitoring, which we continue to do today.

At Golder, we do far more than gather and analyze data. We deliver actionable recommendations and sustainable solutions – for our clients and the communities in which we live and work around the world.

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