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From the world’s tallest building in Dubai to the world’s largest underground depot in Singapore, our ground engineering and geotechnical teams are on site first. Performing critical site investigations. Meticulous ground characterizations. Guiding design decisions. Engineering sustainable futures.

Our exacting scientific and engineering work lays the foundation for worker safety, structural integrity, and risk management … for pipelines across the oil sands of Canada and mass transit rail across Hong Kong. For award-winning tunnels, dams and highways around the world and critical infrastructure in waste management, water systems and industrial operations.

Get a solid start and full-cycle solutions with our global ground engineering teams. No matter how uncertain or complex your ground conditions may be.

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"We guide you to solutions that are right for your ground-related challenges and your business or agency."

- Randy Sullivan, Principal and Senior Practice Leader, North America

Identifying, quantifying and limiting the adverse impacts that soil, rock, groundwater and contaminants in the subsurface can have on your facilities, your operations and business goals — this is the foundation of what we do for our clients.

Golder houses a large staff of ground-related specialists, including geotechnical engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists and environmental scientists – ready to solve your ground challenges. A global staff with immense knowledge and practical experience. Knowledge and experience that is shared across the organization through constant collaboration and technical communities.

This global multidisciplinary network enables us to assemble the precise technical expertise and skills for your project. Our experienced interdisciplinary teams also bring strategic insight on how to approach your ground engineering challenges through their depth of understanding of your industry.

We deliver practicality and technical excellence. Solid foundations and sustainable futures for you.

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