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Horizontal drilling under the Sydney Harbour. Fault-line crossings through the Rockies. Geotechnical and environmental impact assessment of pipeline routes across Canada.  Permafrost design considerations in Alaska.

Wherever you may need a pipeline, chances are we’ve successfully navigated those same conditions before.

Decades of work in pipelines for oil and gas, mining and utilities means we understand your industry and operating environments. We’re prepared to tackle the toughest of geotechnical, design engineering, environmental, and regulatory challenges.

This is where Golder excels. Our integrated engineering and environmental teams know how to take your pipeline project from concept to completion — drawing upon the deep, multidisciplinary expertise located throughout Golder.

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"It was quickly apparent that the Golder employees were immediately able to handle any part of the task. When other groups needed help, Golder stepped in and saved the day... Golder was committed to quality. They were a breath of fresh air in their work, their attitudes, and their dedication and professionalism."

- Jonna Horn, Gas Engineer, Pacific Gas & Electric Co. Pipeline Restoration Group

Up-front facility siting and routing optimization are assisted with proprietary geospatial modeling.  Depending on your needs, our work can include environmental impact assessments and geotechnical field investigations.

Ground engineers and mechanical pipeline engineers provide design while our stakeholder, regulatory, and permitting practitioners work in parallel to ensure timely project approval and execution.

In addition, Golder’s paste technology, originating from applications in mining for over 30 years, can provide safe, structural backfill for decommissioning and abandoned pipelines.

From route selection to post construction monitoring, let our geotechnical engineers, pipeline engineers and environmental specialists deliver expertly on your pipeline project.


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